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I have been writing about Japan for over five years, taking inspiration from my own experiences and interests, meeting individuals who do incredible things, and the travel I have undertaken within the country. Outside of my love for Japan, I am also a published entertainment writer. Whether it be the latest movie releases, fan reactions to a cult hit series, or lists of the best anime out there I've covered it all. 

Check out examples of my work below.

Culture & Travel

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Where To Go to for Strawberry Picking Near Tokyo
Tokyo Weekender

Unlike in Europe, where strawberries are often harvested in late spring to summer, and the United States (mid to late spring), Japan’s strawberry season starts in the middle of winter, often going from December through to May. Japan cultivates some of the best strawberries in the world. Sweeter, juicer and bigger than anywhere else. In some cases, strawberries can go for up to ¥50,000.

Head into any convenience store or supermarket after New Year and you can find a variety of strawberry-flavored sweet treats. These are all delicious, but for perfect fresh strawberries, it’s best to go right to the source.

Art, Fashion & Style


Fighting Ignorance With Art: New York-Based Illustrator Yuko Shimizu Is Here to Kick Ass
Tokyo Weekender

Yuko Shimizu has certainly faced more than her fair share of these circumstances and as she herself attests; she is strong. Now a multi-award-winning illustrator and college art instructor based in New York, Yuko uses her art to generate conversations and to educate. So admired is her work and progressive attitude that in 2009 she was named by Newsweek Japan as one of the “100 Japanese People the World Respects.” She has also received over 15 medals from the Society of Illustrators and most recently was awarded the prestigious Caldecott Honor, one of the highest awards for picture books in the States, for her illustration of the book The Cat Man of Aleppo, based on a true story.

Talking with Shimizu, you can hear her passion, her humor and her determination to create art that is true to herself; though it hasn’t been the easiest ride to get to this point.

Human Interest


Tokyo Scores High When It Comes to Sports
Tokyo Updates

When many think of Tokyo, they may conjure up visions of food, style and art, but often overlook the fact that this city boasts a phenomenal and historical sporting scene. This is what journalist Matthew Hernon came to discover upon moving to the city almost ten years ago.

Hernon moved to Japan roughly 20 years ago, first living in Shizuoka Prefecture, home of Mt. Fuji, before moving to the Greater Tokyo region ten years later. He started off working at an eikaiwa (English language) school, then became a university professor before moving across to the field of journalism, stating "I just wanted a change and I've always loved writing so I applied for a job at Tokyo Weekender, Tokyo's longest-running English lifestyle magazine, and it started from there."

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‘Obsession’ star Sonera Angel talks onscreen diversity and watching those raunchy scenes
We Got This Covered

Obsession hit Netflix a few weeks ago and landed itself immediately on the streaming platform’s Top 10 list as word spread that this miniseries lays itself bare, quite literally. Based on Josephine Hart’s book Damage, the series follows the story of renowned surgeon William Farrow’s (Richard Armitage) fall from grace as he embroils himself in an obsessive and inappropriate affair with his son’s girlfriend, Anna (Charlie Murphy), the result of which leads to a much-less metaphorical fall and a family destroyed.

Outside of the intense sexual relationship between William and Anna, we also meet William’s family. Though we don’t learn as much about them as we might like, we get an idea of what William is risking with this sordid affair — a loving wife (Indira Varma), supportive father-in-law (Anil Goutam), and bubbly, smart children in the form of Jay (Rish Shah) and Sally — the latter, of course, played by Sonera Angel.

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