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One of my first ventures into film was a student project when I was studying at Falmouth University. I loved the experience so much and knew that it was something I wanted to explore and work in as an actor. I have worked as an extra on large-scale film and television sets to better understand the process of filming and how it is different from acting on a stage.

In Japan, I started working on a few independent films as a stylist and found that I loved the environment and working with everybody. I ended up acting in a promotional video and a music video which were amazing experiences. Back in the UK I also worked on a handful of productions including student films and independent feature films.


I am now based in Tokyo and would love to continue working on films here.

Short Film: Jasmine, The Fortune Queen, Lauren Dunlop, University of Liverpool student film

Short Film: Abi , Miscreant's Night, Daniel Newport, Manchester MET student film

Watch here:

Music Video: Soldier, LIKE MEAT, Mariella 'Kai' Pacey, Electronic Substance Abuse

Restaurant Advert: Diner, Fumizen Restaurant, Allan McDaniel, Business World          Corporation 

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