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Tokyo Fashion Week: Street Style

This year, CONNECT Style and Beauty Editor Laura Pollacco, and contributor and blogger Daisy Braid, headed to Shibuya to get involved with Tokyo Fashion Week S/S 2019. Tokyo is famous for its edgy and avant-garde street style, so the two captured some looks that they spotted.

Photos by Laura Pollacco (Laura shown on the final image)

Perpetually on trend, monochromatic black outfits are still going strong. There were plenty of black and white looks thrown into the mix as well. Many of the looks were edgy with distressed clothes with leather jackets, and plenty of layering creating a grungy vibe that suited the industrialised, urban surroundings. On the other hand, in many instances, outfits looked sleek and stylish; suits created a professional look, sharp tailoring paired with interesting and eclectic accessories allowed the wearers to look modern and stylish.

- Laura Pollacco

Photos by Laura Pollacco (Daisy Braid shown on the final image)

Among the crowds of carefully curated monochrome looks were a handful of color-loving showgoers. Outfits featured pops of red and purple with a dose of vintage prints thrown into the mix. We also spotted a couple of all-over citrus yellow looks that we absolutely had to snap pictures of to prove that bold colors were totally trending on the streets of Tokyo this Fashion Week!

-Daisy Braid

All photographs taken by Laura Pollacco.

To see the originally published article please visit the Connect Issue it is featured in here.

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