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Having worked predominantly in amateur stage productions or in independent films I am now looking to work in a professional capacity. My first step was being accepted at the prestigious Bristol Old Vic Theatre School for the Summer Foundation Programme which I attended in 2021 and had the most amazing time learning so many invaluable skills and techniques.


I love to explore and have loved travelling around the world, but I also love to explore characters, stories and emotions. I love delving into a new world, be it period, sci-fi or contemporary and I do have a certain fondness for Shakespeare.

Acting has been a consistent passion in my crazy life and is something I simply love to do. I took to the stage at the age of 7 and have continued regardless of what I studied, where I lived or who I was surrounded by. Honestly, being an actor has helped me figure out myself along the way, helped shape who I am and shown me the kind of people I love to work with, and I know there is so much more to learn.


Acting Foundation | The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School | UK

Musical Theatre Training | Studio 18 | Malta

Meisner Character Training | Yokohama Theatre Group | Japan

Singing Classes | John Pryce Jones | UK

Received Pronunciation


London (general)

Scottish (lowland)


Standard American 


Can speak basic Japanese


Singing | Alto-Mezzo

Competent Horse Rider

Basic Stage Combat

Competent Skier

Basic Kung Fu, MMA

Competent Swimmer

Basic Gymnastics


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